Phuket in Thailand has so much to offer, from delicious food to beautiful beaches-it’s the perfect place for a short getaway. Each time I have visited Phuket, I have spent most of my time in Patong, but this time I discovered other parts of the island that were so magical. The island itself offers options for all travellers, from the relaxed traveller to the explorer; there are endless activities to keep you occupied.

What to do in Phuket

Phi Phi Islands

No trip to Phuket is complete without visiting Phi Phi Islands. Located between Phuket and Krabi, Phi Phi island with its towering cliffs and crystal clear water, is a little slice of paradise. We took a group charter which included a stop at Maya Bay, Koh Phi Phi Don, Hin Klang, Monkey Bay and Bamboo Island, however if you can get a private boat I would STRONGLY recommend doing so, as I felt that we spent far too much time on the tour boat.

Our first stop was Maya Bay, which was stunning. The water was absolutely clear and the cliffs towered over us creating an absolutely stunning view (and perfect photo shoot opportunity). The only downfall was that the tiny slither of beach was absolutely packed with tourists and I mean packed, to the point that we could hardly move in the water without touching a random person. This also makes it very hard to get a gorgeous photo without having some added extras in the background.

The rest of the tour was interesting, with a beautiful stop at Hin Klang where we were able to snorkel and check out the beautiful, tropical fish and Bamboo Island where we were treated to delicious Pina Coladas served in coconuts (if that isn’t a typical island drink, I don’t know what is!)

Big Buddha

If you haven’t heard of this landmark, the name pretty much explains it-it is one biiiig Buddha (43 metres tall) sitting on top of a hill. But wow, it’s really amazing! Not only does the site offer a 360-degree view of Phuket Island, the atmosphere surrounding the big Buddha is so calm and spiritual. I would suggest taking a taxi to the site or a tour if you are interested in visiting other locations.

Wat Chalong Temple

It’s well worth taking a walk around the most important Buddhist temple in Phuket because the buildings are so beautiful and certainly nothing like what we have in Australia! Just make sure to dress appropriately, covering your legs, shoulders and stomach, otherwise you won’t be allowed in the temple.

Fantasea Theme Park

As I hadn’t been to Fantasea for 10 years, I forgot how beautiful the theme park itself is. The Carnival Village hosts an array of themed stalls and shops, including places to play games and rides for the kids! Besides the theme park itself, you can go to Fantasea to enjoy the buffet and watch the famous Fantasea show.

Firstly, the buffet is freakin’ awesome! I have never seen a buffet hall that is so big and has such delicious food, despite pushing so many guests through. The food is traditional Thai food, including noodles, curries, rices and desserts. The show itself is great, using pyrotechnics, special effects and stunning costumes.

However, the one thing I did not enjoy watching was the animals being used on stage. That’s just my personal opinion and others may disagree, but the rest of the show was really lovely.

Patong Beach

Of course you can’t go to Phuket without visiting the iconic Patong Beach, to see the food markets as well as the clothing and shoes that are sold, and we can’t forget the handbags! It’s always fun to take a walk along Patong and try your hand at bartering with the locals.

Eating in Phuket

Seafood buffet at The Holiday Inn – delicious seafood for an affordable price!

Joe’s Downstairs – up market eating with an absolutely picturesque view.

Hooters – surprisingly really good American style food.

Stay in Phuket

My favourite place to stay is at The Holiday Inn on Patong Beach, however next time I would prefer to stay away from the chaos that is Patong Beach.

Thailand is a culturally rich country with so much to offer. Make sure you visit Phuket at least once in your life and immerse yourself in the sites, the crazy smells and all the flavours that make Thailand so unique!


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