Maruzzella, East Perth

I’m going to keep this short and sweet – Maruzzella is a gluten intolerant, Italian lovers dream. That’s right, Maruzzella is an Italian restaurant that makes its OWN gluten free pizza dough (as well as regular pizza dough) and it is damn amazing.

When I heard Maruzzella was starting gluten free pasta and pizza I was over the moon because I already love their food and knew their gluten free options would be delish. And were they ever. I had a pizza because I rarely find good gluten free pizzas and I was very happy with my decision; I have never tasted a gluten free pizza that was as good as my half margherita, half capricciosa! In fact, it didn’t taste like a gluten free pizza at all, it tasked like a soft, doughy, melt in your mouth wood fired pizza straight from Italy. Finally a win for the gluten intolerants!

The owner, Franco, imports the gluten free flour from Italy (as well as the mozzarella) and all I’m saying is, it is so worth it. Of course, the mozzarella and home made sugo add to the flavor and makes these pizzas taste so heavenly, you feel like you’ve floated off to Italy. Their other meals are just as good, including the pasta, arancini and polpette, which are all made with so much love and show utter respect for authentic Italian food.

If you want Italian food that tastes like it’s been imported straight from Rome, go to Maruzzella. My advice is to go in a smaller group as the restaurant is quite small and casual!

Buon apetit!


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