I originally heard about Pranziamo from my dad who was overly excited that he had found a café in Perth that sold the Sicilian brioche with gelato. He kept saying to me, “Adriana we have to go” and I just kept thinking, this guy has serious brioche withdrawals from Sicily last year. Nevertheless, I decided to check out their Instagram (because I’m a big ‘food planner’) and I was absolutely blown away with how good looking the food was, so I made my bestie come with me for a brunch date on Saturday.

When we arrived it was packed, but we managed to get a table and order straight away. I found it so hard to decide because everything on the breakfast menu was so different and sounded so good, but I decided on the tiramisu crepes. Anyone that knows me knows that crepes are my absolute weakness and these were chocolate crepes, winning! They were wrapped around a finger biscuit soaked in coffee, with mascarpone cream and espresso ice cream (also my favourite) so I was in tiramisu heaven. My bestie got the Mediterranean breakfast, which included grilled halloumi and looked just as scrumptious (I still think my dish won).

However, I was disappointed that I was too full to get a bombolino, which means I’m going to have to return to try them and the Sicilian brioche with gelato. I don’t think I’ll be able to stay away from Pranziamo!

Get there ASAP my loves xx



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