Sapore Espresso Bar

Sapore, meaning flavour certainly encapsulates the dishes that you can get at this little chestnut in Cloverdale. When Sapore first opened, I went flat out, even though I don’t live very close, because the food is that damn good. Nutella donuts, freak shakes, scones, cupcakes, cheesecakes-you name it, they have it. Oh and don’t mind me, they also make fabulous savoury dishes, I’m just a sugar monster.

After having a slight break to check out other breakfast spots, I went back to Sapore and discovered that it is still one of my all time favorites. I was pleased to see that the quality of the food and the service had not changed one bit! Naturally, I ordered a sweet dish, the French toast, whilst everyone else went with the eggs benny. My dish totally looked the best, just saying.

The French toast is like no other, banana, strawberries, maple syrup, mascarpone, pistachios and bacon –can you say flavor?? With all the different toppings, I never know where to start so I kind of mix them all together and gosh it’s bloody amazing, who would have thought that sweet bacon would be so good! Of course the eggs benny looked amaze too, my dad says it’s his favourite place to get Eggs Benedict and so far “no other café has been better”, so they certainly have John’s tick of approval!

If you just want to pop in for a drink and a sweet, there are a range of options that will tickle your fancy. I recommend hitting up a Nutella donut (you will literally feel like you’re eating a chocolate cloud) and a Nutella gourmet shake or cheeky hot chocolate. Can you see a pattern here? #nutellalover

If you haven’t been to Sapore yet, you need to go, you will love every bite. No doubt you will leave there a sugar addict just like me. Just embrace it, it’s totally worth it.




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