This post is extremely delayed as I did the Pure Glow Cleanse back in May, however I still wanted to share my awesome experience! After weeks of indulging for my birthday, I was feeling quite pudgy and not very healthy; so I decided to do a 3-day juice cleanse to clear my body of any bad toxins. I also wanted to do something just for me, because we often forget to look after ourselves!

I had never done the Pure Glow Cleanse but always wanted to as the juices always looked so yummy and fun! I chose the autumn ‘Deep Glow’ cleanse as there were quite a few green juices and that was exactly what I wanted. There were six juices for each day-Passion on Route, Emerald Greens, Dr Spice, Bloody Melon, Bhakti Potion and Pep Talk.

Day 1

I started my cleanse with Passion on Route, and I was IN LOVE. The passionfruit and chia seeds absolutely tickled my fancy, it was sweet but had a kick so it was a nice start to the morning. The juice itself filled me up, but as I was used to eating oats for breakfast, I was craving them a little.

Throughout the morning I followed the advice from PGC and drank a lot of water until I could have my next juice a few hours later. That juice was Emerald Greens, which was full of lots of yummy vegetables such as cucumber and silverbeet. By lunch I was ready for my third juice that, Dr Spice. I really enjoyed this juice as it had jalapeno, which gave it a little kick. I got through the rest of the day relatively well and was feeling good, besides the afternoon food cravings which I tried to suppress by drinking Bloody Melon and lots of water.

In the evening I swapped Pep Talk and Bhakti Potion around so I could have Bhakti Potion last. I popped it into the microwave for a minute or so and had it as my yummy after dinner treat and it was so bloody tasty, I could have had another bottle!

Day 2

By day two, I was no longer craving solid food, though I felt like I was weeing 24/7! Again the beautiful Passion on Route made my morning magical and I wasn’t as hungry as day one by the time it came to morning tea. In fact, on day two I started to feel quite full after each juice and by dinner I couldn’t finish a whole bottle of Pep Talk or Bhakti Potion! Was my stomach shrinking? I hoped so!

PS. I also woke up on day two feeling so fresh and my tummy was feeling a little flatter #winning.

Day 3

My last day! Through out day three I was basically counting down the hours until I could have solids again. On this day I almost couldn’t finish any of the juices completely because I was feeling so full, but I also felt super energised and my skin was glowing. I ended up skipping Bloody Melon in the afternoon as I just couldn’t fit it in. Again I ended my night (and my cleanse) with the Bhakti Potion, my absolute fave!

After the Cleanse

Firstly, it was bloody great to have solid food again (especially fruit), however I did notice that I was unable to eat as much. All my portion sizes were slightly smaller as I felt fuller quicker, which was a plus. My stomach was flatter and my skin was clear and glowing, but I also felt so much better on the inside and back to my healthy self! I would absolutely recommend a juice cleanse to get you feeling well and back on track with your health and I would definitely recommend Pure Glow Cleanse for any Perth babes.  I can’t wait for their summer range to come out so I can live #TheGlowLife once again!



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