Seeing as it’s Fathers Day, I thought I would do a post sharing exactly why my siblings and I love our dad, the big J-Roc, Papa John.

He absolutely chews our ears off with lectures…

BUT most of his advice is quite valuable, although we only figure it out a few months after he’s shared it with us.

He thinks he’s always right

Which has taught us a valuable lesson-to know when to admit that you’re actually wrong…unlike him!

He builds really cool things

I’m not referring to the houses he’s built. Dad has built me, Jason and Lorena so many things when we’ve requested them, he is literally John the Builder. From Greek archways, to tables made out of pallets-he finds a way to make exactly what we request.

He’s also Mr Fix it

Whenever something is broken, he finds a way to fix it. I’m not sure how he does it, but it’s great.

He taught us how to nap

When it comes to the art of napping, no one is better then J-Roc. He can bloody fall asleep anywhere!

He is an amazing cook!

For the first 20 years of my life I thought dad could only cook a barbecue, but boy was I wrong! Dad is a secret master chef, especially when it comes to cooking pasta dishes or seafood. He loves to try new things and mix different flavours and let me tell you, his dishes are absolutely delicious!

He has a big, round belly

…and when we were little, it made for a damn comfy cushion.

His texts actually make us LOL

For example, he loves a good exclamation mark or twenty!!!!!!! And when we message him saying ‘Love you’, he’ll often reply with a simple, ‘Ok’ or ‘Thanks’. Yeah no worries dad.

He taught us to always have hobbies

…after all, if dad’s hobby wasn’t fishing would we have an unlimited supply of crayfish to feast on? Nope.

He’s always in our corner

Sometimes we may not realise, but dad has our backs. When it comes to his little girls, no one better mess with him because otherwise you may just cop a swift kick in the butt!

He always puts others before himself

Like a true father, dad always puts everyone before himself. Dad will absolutely move mountains for anyone, especially his family and that is exactly why he is such an amazing dad, husband and human being.

We love you Papa John, Happy Father’s Day #jroc


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