Cadore is located in the north of Italy in Veneto and is a tiny, peaceful town with so much character. Cadore is my Nonna’s hometown, so my visit here was very much family orientated. We arrived at the Venice airport and were greeted by my mum’s cousins who took us on (quite a long) car ride through the mountains to Cadore. Lucky for us we had warm bread and spectacular views to keep us occupied!

Our three days in Cadore were spent eating traditional dishes, drinking wine and exploring the mountains. Cadore is a region with such breathtaking natural beauty, when I look back on my pictures I can’t believe half the places are real!

The Lakes

Two must see places that will knock you off your feet are Lago di Santa Caterina and Lago di Misurina, both beautiful lakes, both different from each other.

Lake Misurina is a natural lake that is surrounded by small hotels and mountains, where as Lago di Santa Caterina, also known as Lago di Auronzo, is an artificial lake located in Auronzo di Cadore.

The Food

Besides the beautiful lakes and mountains, the food in Cadore is so traditional and so delicious. Firstly, the breakfast, you need to have a brioche filled with chocolate, custard or jam. You can buy these fresh (and warm) from any of the little bakeries in the area and once you have one, you’ll want to have 80 more!

For lunch one day we headed to Misurina, to a tiny cottage at the top of the hill near Lago di Misurina, where we had different types of freshly made gnocchi and ravioli, including plain gnocchi with butter and sage sauce and beetroot ravioli.

Cadore must have a thing for cottages up in the hills, because we also went to another tiny cottage, where we ordered a mixed cheese platter and sat on pieces of wood stuffing our faces with fresh cheese (yes, it was a cheese lovers heaven). I ate so much more amazing food from pizza to gelato, but thinking (and writing) about them is making my stomach rumble too much!

For me Cadore holds a special place in my heart, from the mountains to the lakes to the homemade gelato and brioche, every time I think of this gorgeous town I feel so nostalgic. I am certainly counting down the days until I can return!

P.S. If you ever make it to Cadore, visit my Zia’s gelateria, Gelateria Locatello!


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