When In Rome…

Rome, the motherland and one of my favourite Italian cities, is one place you must visit in Italy. The city itself is exploding with rich history and is so busy that you won’t have a moment to stop. Here are my top things to do in Rome…

Hop-On Hop-Off tour of the City

This is the best way to see the city and to get to all the monuments in Rome including the Spanish Steps, the Pantheon, Colosseum, Ancient Ruins, Vatican City and Trevi Fountain. Of course, you can walk to these spots, however the hop-on hop-off is the easiest option as it takes you to all of these places and you don’t have to worry about finding your own way! I would suggest buying a two-day pass (at least) as you will need it to see all the wonders of this beautiful city.

Make a wish in the Trevi Fountain

This one’s a MUST, I mean have you really gone to Rome if you haven’t made a wish in the Trevi? Make a wish (or a few like me) and throw a coin over your shoulder into the fountain and make sure that someone is there taking a photo for you!

Visit the markets at Campo de’ Fiori

I absolutely love markets and I absolutely love Campo de’ Fiori. The markets located in Piazza Campo de’ Fiori sell fresh fruit, vegetables, pasta, herbs, spices and much more. The atmosphere and the location also add to the experience as it’s bustling with people and located in a beautiful piazza with flowers growing all around. My favourite thing to do at these markets is buy a freshly squeezed juice and some cherries to eat on the go-the true Italian way!


Rome, one of the fashion capitals of the world and one of the best places in Italy to shop! I love shopping around the Spanish Steps (higher end brands) and along Via del Corso-you could literally spend days along this strip…well I could anyway. From sports shops like Nike and Adidas to Zara, Topshop and Kiko, Rome literally has it all.

Eat Gelato

Rome absolutely kills it in the gelato department! I’m not being bias, but I have never had a bad gelato in Rome, I guess us Italians know exactly how to make the perfect gelato.

My favourite place to go is Della Palma; located just around the corner from the Pantheon this gelateria has 150 flavours to choose from!

Yep, with every flavour you can possibly think of, the decision is pretty damn hard.

I suggest going back multiple times a day like I did, that way you can try them all! #gelatoaddict

Try traditional Roman pasta

Rome is famous for a few pasta dishes, but the Cacio and Pepe takes the cake as Rome’s number one. This spaghetti dish, made with black pepper and pecorino Romano, is so simple yet so tasty and can be found in any restaurant in Rome. If you don’t like the sounds of that one, a traditional carbonara is next best! Try the one at Il Chianti Vineria near the Trevi Fountain, their pastas are to die!

Hit up Piazza Navona

One of the most beautiful and lively piazzas in Rome, Piazza Navona features Bernini’s Fountain of Rivers at its centre and truly reflects the Baroque period. Piazza Navona has everything from restaurants and bars, to gelato and souvenir stores and absolutely comes to life at night.

Eat a traditional brioche

These can be found in any bar or café and are so delicious you’ll want one every morning with your espresso. I love the brioche filled with custard or Nutella-yum!

I could go on forever about Rome; the city is absolutely magical and crazy at the same time. For those who love to keep busy or just love a good Italian meal, Rome is the place to go!

Enjoy my loves xxx



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