Santorini definitely takes the award for one of Greece’s most beautiful islands. It is absolutely mesmerizing.

I arrived at the Old Port via a tiny boat from my cruise ship, which was an experience within itself. From the little boat I was able to look up to the island from the water and boy did I have to pinch myself! Thousands of beautiful white buildings, doors and archways, oh the archways! The view and the experience felt so surreal as I had seen the exact view so many times in pictures and now I was seeing it with my own eyes and I was absolutely enchanted.

From the Old Port we wanted to get to Fira, the capital of Santorini, which is at the top of the Caldera Mountain and there’s only three ways up-cable car, walking or donkey. You guessed it babies, we totally took the donkey option (there was no way my lazy ass was going to walk up 600+ steps).

My sister and I had to go on one donkey together and the whole ride was a mixture of laughter and shrieking because we were getting so close to the edge of the cliff! I certainly would not like to do that ride going down the cliff; I think I would have a heart attack!

For 5 euro, it’s a little experience that really makes you feel like you’re in Greece and if you can get past the smell of the donkey poo, you’ll probably fall in love with these creatures, they were so cute! Though I did feel sorry for them, having to lug people up and down the cliff all day.

At the top of the cliff and in the heart of Fira is where all the magic happens. From food to shopping, Santorini definitely delivers, but the scenery is where it’s really at. So many beautiful white washed buildings over looking the ocean, so many photo opportunities. And that’s exactly what I recommend doing, spend a good amount of time just taking photos; of the scenery, you with the scenery, the doors, the little streets, you standing in the streets, everything, because those pictures will be absolutely postcard worthy and certainly Instagram worthy.

Getting back to the food…try a crepe in Santorini! I know Paris is known for crepes, and don’t get me wrong they are damn good, but the ones in Santorini are just as delicious! I know, I was confused too, but after inhaling a Nutella and strawberry crepe, it all made sense to me. Crepe heaven is all I’m saying. To add to your carb intake, have a gyros, because who can go wrong with meat and tzatziki?

It’s obvious I spent a lot of my time eating in Santorini but I also spent a lot of my time shopping (whilst eating). The little boutiques stole my heart with their quaint pieces of jewellery and vast range of white linen clothing, which I spent hours looking through and then of course, buying. I just couldn’t go past all the mati (evil eye) pendants and bracelets-I couldn’t get enough!

To end my short stay in Santorini I took a cable car back down the cliff and that was scarier then the donkey ride! But totally cool at the same time, so do it. If only my stay in Santorini was longer, I will certainly be back to this beautiful island and I recommend all you lovely people go as well!


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