Amsterdam, with its endless canals, rich history, fresh pastries and little coffee shops, was a big tick on my bucket list. You only need a few days in Amsterdam to take in the beauty and freedom that this city offers.

Things to See & Do

Anne Frank Haus
This was at the top of my list of things to see in Amsterdam. It’s really important that you book your tickets beforehand, otherwise you’ll be waiting in line for hours (like me), I had no choice but to line up, in the rain, and wait until 3pm when they let non-ticket holders in.

Luckily, the wait was worth it. It was so surreal to see the bookcase that hid the Secret Annex where Anne and her family hid for years, how they lived and what they went through. If you are a big fan of history or just know the story of Anne Frank, I would highly recommend visiting the Anne Frank Haus, it’s a worthwhile experience.

I Amsterdam Sign
This one is a must for anyone who loves a good tourist photo. The I Amsterdam letters are a city icon and a slogan that promotes inclusion. If you can climb on top of the letters, it makes for a great photo, even if there are hundreds of randoms in your way!

The Canals
The city was built around there beautiful canals and boy are the canals something to see. You can take a canal tour or just walk over the bridges, either way, take a moment to soak in the pure beauty of this city built on water (and don’t forget to take lots of photos!)

The Red Light District
Oh yeah honeys, you have to go here. Not because it’s beautiful, but because it’s a part of the Dam that you just have to see. For me The Red Light district was sleaze central, with the women in the windows and the men gawking, however it was also a good laugh. If you’re game, make your way to Theatre Casa Rosso to really embrace the red light district.

The Coffee Shops
Hit up a special Amsterdam ‘Coffee Shop’ for a piece of cake and a good laugh, literally. When in Amsterdam!

Eating in Amsterdam

To be honest, upon arriving in the Netherlands, I was really wondering what the cuisine was. When I left, I still didn’t have an answer. The food in Amsterdam isn’t overly appealing, there isn’t a particular cuisine, rather the city just adopts cuisines from around the world; there’s Italian, American and a lot of meat dishes. For me, the best thing I ate here was a Nutella donut and a Nutella crêpe; I personally preferred the pastries to the savoury meals. Also, make sure to try the fries, they’re sold on every corner and are delicious!

Amsterdam should be on everyone’s bucket list, go there with an open mind and free spirit and you’ll have a ball!


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